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  • Compact and Flexible

    The small footprint and VESA mounting points of the TX-2100 allow easy installation in anywhere you need a Point-of-Service system.


  • Fanless Design

    With fanless architecture, the TX-2100 is suitable for a wide range of environments and applications from hot kitchen area, to salty air of coastal environment, to anywhere where silent operation is required.


  • Expandable and Configurable

    Connect to a series of POS peripherals and options for greater productivity and flexibility to fit in your store environment.


The TM-4010 Is A 9.7" LCD 2nd Monitor Bezel-Free Display With PCAP Touch, Supporting Up To 1024 × 768 Resolution For All RT Series POS Terminals.


Slim & Stylish Look

RT-5015 Has A Smooth Profile, Ultra-Thin Body And Linear Back Cover Surface, With A 15" PCAP Touch Screen & A Full Set Of Ports, Which Are Hidden In A Clean Back Cover. The Neat & Stylish Appearance Of The Screw Cannot Be Found On Its Surface Maintenance.


Fanless Technology

The Fanless Technology Allows The Terminal To Operate Quietly Under Various Harsh Conditions, And Providing A Long Service Life.


Clean Cable Management

Advanced Cable Management Design Delivers A Truly Clutter-Free Station. The Standard Base Can House The Optional Powered USB / USB Extension Module, While The Optional Base Integrates A UPS Backup (RB-5000) For The Event Of A Power Failure.


Faster Installation & Serviceability

The Rear Cover Can Be Easily Removed Without Tools, Thus Allowing Faster Installation & Maintenance.


Save Your Time & Money

The Terminal Can Be Shipped With A Customer Line Display Or A 9.7” / 10” 2nd Customer-Facing LCD Display Attached & Folded, Saving Deployment Time As Well As Shipping Costs.

  • Slim and Flexible

    Streamlined Design Equips With A Foldable Base; The PS-3415 Provides Users With Unmatched Flexibility To Adjust The Screen To A Height & Angle Depending On The Application.


  • Expandable and Neat

    Designed To Better Manage Peripheral Connectivity By Separating A Full Set Of Ports Into The Top & The Bottom Of The Terminal, The PS-3415 Ensures Neat, Reliable Peripheral Cabling.


The LM-3010E Is A 9.7" LCD 2nd Monitor Bezel-Free Display With Resolution Up To 1024 × 768 For All XT Series & KS-7412 POS Terminals.